lunes, 3 de octubre de 2011

...Statement of work reviewed and agreed

... The first week of working in Sankara - monday to saturday- has been very productive.... we have learnt much about how the Sankara hospital works, its processes and moreover have been able to review and agree with the CEO, Mr. Shrivatsan, on the scope of work.... reality is that it is 99% unchanged over the initial scope of work we received.
Our work consists of creating a framework for the departmental processes of the hospital and then providing an implementation plan to convert this into a knowledge management system.
What has called mostly my attention during the interviews with the ICs (In Charge) is that all are extremely proud of working for Sankara and are very committed to achieving the yearly & monthly KPIs (key performance indicators) that have been set for each department. These KPIs and the service level statements affecting patients are displayed very visibly.

We were treated by the logistics manager to a tour of the water treatment plant, laundry service; the kitchen manager  showed with much pride the kitchen to us and invited us to breakfast. We also met with the logistics department who, in their daily planning to collect & drop camp patients, also had a red line to provide transport for Alex, Sverre and I!
I think you might want to see some pictures of the Hospital.... the rest can be found in this link
Patient's waiting time

Spice table in the kitchen

Canteen restaurant

Meeting with logistics department
Logistics plan for the day.... in red schedule for 'foreigners

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