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Vijayadashami/Dasara/விஜயதசமி ... the tenth day festival of Navatri

In Tamil Nadul, during Vijayadashami workers keep their tools for puja on the ninth day of Navratri (Ayudha-Puja,); these are taken back and used after puja on the tenth day (Vijayadasami). The practice is so old that in many parts of south India, even non-Hindus follow this tradition.
We experienced this special Puja at Sankara hospital, you can see some pictures below. Also after the puja, the food offered was shared with all those that participated. We got cheak peas, a sweet and some rice crispies!

Puja in preparation at Sankara's reception
Decoration at the hospital's entrance

Instruments used during the year & put aside for Puja

Puja ready

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