viernes, 21 de octubre de 2011

... bye for now Coimbatore

So this is the last day..... we're leaving now
Yesterday we had our last Yoga session, it was very nice

Lisa & I went this morning for a walk, rather than a run,  around the 'Race Course'... We have been the regular ones, Gaston, Vasek and Saken  joined in a few times..... there was also Mr. Iron Man i.e. Sverre who went on his own and run 4 times round the race course!
Today it was odd, as we went late (8:30 am) and it was empty! usually it is full with people exercising before going to work... we also missed our coconut lady...

Our race course run/walk

Preparing our morningcoconut

Round the race course

 And today we used the swimming pool to relax just before our flight... from Coimbatore to Madrid it will be like 24h for me....
That's all folks... see you

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