miércoles, 19 de octubre de 2011

.... emotive days ... 2

Yesterday, Alex, Sverre & I presented to the Sankara Apex team our final report....
We had prepared well for it, but we needed to obtain the Sankara Apex team support to our proposed plan and work! We were able to deliver the Sankara Administration Manual (SAM), a Knowledge Management framework as well as an implementation plan for the SAM.
The presentation went very well and the Apex team thanked us for the work we provided.... in Mr. Srivatsan's words, 'we helped them save 3 to 4 months work'! It is very rewarding to deliver a project and work that will be used and implemented!

This is a picture with part of the Apex team after our presentation
Seetha, Dr. Ramani, Mercedes in front row. Sverrre, Alex, Mr. Srivatsan, Dr, from Coimbatore, Bharath, Saravanan in 2nd row

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