miércoles, 19 de octubre de 2011

..last day at Sankara... emotions are still on!

Today it was our last day working in the office..... we had to complete some of the deliverables and share with the IT head, IBM experiences in managing security.

Sharing information and great discussion with Saravanan

We had the great opportunity, under Alex direction, to get a photo taken with the paramedical students! It was so great & such an enjoyable moment! Some even wanted a photo afterwards

Sverre, Alex & Mercedes with paramedic students

Some wanted more photos :)

Dr. Ramani invited the  CSC 12 team, Kabi & Prof. Alagar to Sankara to see the hospital and have dinner there. as a surprise, it was Sverre, Alex and I who were asked to explain each hospital unit to our colleagues, but I think we managed very well :)

Then Dr. Ramani shared with the team part of Indian culture we have bot been able to see in a month... He then took the opportunity to thank Alex, Sverre and I and gave us a framed picture of us three with him and Bharath  that was just taken this morning! That was really so nice and thoughtful! I was so touched.... I really appreciate it!

We then all had an excellent and special dinner at the canteen in the hospital

dinner at Sankara's canteen

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