miércoles, 28 de septiembre de 2011

... we've been introduced to the complete IC (In Charge) team

Yesterday we had agreed with Mr. Srivatsan to meet all the department managers (in Charge).
Today a meeting was scheduled, and Mr Srivatsan, CEO, addressed the department 'In Charges' to introduce us, explain our work and to help them understand what we require from the scheduled meetings... he even, there and then, asked for a department In Charge to go through a process!
This has been very helpful as we now all have a clear picture of what is expected from us as the first deliverable.... the scope is very wide and we have much work ahead of us!
நன்றி (nandri) Thank you Mr. Srivatsan!
Some pictures from our day at Sankara
Mr. Srivatsan going through a process
Excellence for the customer!

We also learnt a little bit more about South India, B. Bharath, our patient teacher explained that it was the custom to call people in India by their first name with a prefix, such as Mr, Miss, Dr... etc... He also told us about what the B. in his initial stands for, it is his father name... but not an easy name to remember: Balasubramaniam... so we all agreed to keep on calling him Barath.

Sverre, Alex & Barath at lunch in the canteen

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