martes, 11 de octubre de 2011

Experiencing Sankara's 'Gift of Vision'...

Under Sankara's 'Gift of Vision' programme the poorest of the poor in rural areas are given eye tests and surgical treatment free of charge.  Last saturday, Sverre, Alex and I had the great opportunity to visit, as part of the 'Gift of Vision' programme an outreach camp in Devanurpudur (in Udumalpet district), near Coimbatore.

These events are prepared in advance and take place at week-ends once the outreach department has identified a group of patients needing eye tests. The venue in which these cams are help is typically a school. The patients reach the camp, their eyes are tested and if they  are in need of surgical intervention, on that same day,  they are driven by bus to Sankara's hospital where all their needs will be catered for until the surgical intervention takes place and they can be dismissed back home.

You could see the women and men walking to the camp, and going through the tests. Those needing surgery were sitting waiting to go to the hospital. It was very emotional to see those ladies sitting patiently to go into hospital to have their sight restored!

These are some photos of the day camp:

Vision testing

Vision testing at the outreach camp
Vision testing at the outreach camp
School where the camp took place

dedicated rooms for screening
Ladies selected for surgery at Sankara

As usual more photos of the day can be found in this link

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